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Your Trusted Bankruptcy Lawyer in Salt Lake City

Utah Bankruptcy Professionals is one of the leading bankruptcy law firms in the state. Led by a renowned bankruptcy attorney, Salt Lake City lawyer Jody Lamb Howe, we have represented thousands of individuals and small business owners in Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.

We understand that dealing with massive amount of debt can be overwhelming. Our firm is here to help you take that first step to achieving financial security by consolidating and even reducing your debt. Our team has a broad understanding of Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. We will help to prevent foreclosure, repossession, seizure of assets, garnishment, tax levies, and lawsuits. Just tell us everything we need to know about your case, and we will do our very best so that you can catch up on your finances.

Here on our website, we provide a Utah Bankruptcy Law Handbook from which you’ll get more information about bankruptcy cases. Feel free to browse the material. But, if you’re ready to get started your journey to financial freedom, schedule a free consultation, and we’ll begin discussing your case.

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Utah Bankruptcy Law Handbook

A public service by Utah Bankruptcy Professionals:

Whether it’s because you lost your job or you had emergency expenses, falling behind on your bills, loans, and other financial responsibilities can be extremely stressful. It can even put a strain on your relationship with your loved ones. But, with the help of Utah Bankruptcy Professionals, you can finally put an end to all your financial troubles.

We Understand Your Situation

Over the years, we have helped thousands of people across Utah get the financial relief they need to catch up on their finances and rebuild their lives. With more than three decades of experience in bankruptcy cases, our lawyer, Jody Howe, understands your challenges. She will study the complexity of your case, as well as your ability to pay, to effectively adjust the cost of your bankruptcy and consolidate or even reduce your debts.

We Make It Easy For You

Together with a supportive, knowledgeable staff, Jody Howe will make the process of bankruptcy filing affordable, convenient, and stress-free for you. We will guide you every step of the way, making sure you get a favorable outcome after filing. Our entire team observes a personal but professional approach to each case we handle—we are your advisor, advocate, and your friend through this challenging time in your life.

We Offer Free Advice

More than 20% of Americans think they will never get out of huge debts, according to a survey published in CBNC News. But our firm is here to offer free consultation and show you that there is a way to beat overwhelming debt and restore your financial health.

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