I was shocked to discover payments had not been applied to our home mortgage for almost a year (long story), and that our home was in foreclosure.  I was in a complete state of panic.  Jody Howe and Utah Bankruptcy Professionals filed bankruptcy for us within 24 hours of our initial consultation to eliminate the risk of losing our home in foreclosure.   The bankruptcy filing bought us a little time to consider other options regarding our home; and Jody Howe and her staff assisted us in evaluating our options.  We ultimately decided the home was too large and expensive for us.  We were able to enter a very attractive lease situation where I can do work and remodeling for reduced rent.  Utah Bankruptcy Professionals is assisting us in attempting to modify the mortgage on our home which we plan to retain as a rental.  All of our remaining debt is being eliminated in bankruptcy and we are on track to build some financial security for our future.  I would highly recommend Jody Howe and Utah Bankruptcy Professionals to assist anyone with financial problems and navigate the complex bankruptcy laws.  Steve and Debbie M., Salt Lake City


Jody Howe is amazing.  She has helped me so much.  My car was about to be repossessed and she helped me figure out how to save it.  My mother was co-signed on my car loan, Jody explained to me that if the car was repossessed, the creditor would dump it for whatever they could get out of it at auction, and then sue me and my mother for a deficiency between what they sold it for and what we owed.   Jody helped me file a Chapter 13 which enabled me to keep the car and protect both me and my mother.  I am an aesthetician and am just starting my own business.  Jody Howe filed my case without a retainer as I did not have the funds to pay one at that time, although I’m starting to make money now.  Chelsea L., SLC, UT

These client testimonials were selected for publication to demonstrate the types of financial problems presented to Utah Bankruptcy Professionals on a regular basis; and also to illustrate the skill of Utah Bankruptcy Professionals in assisting these clients in resolving the particular scenarios described.  Every case is different and we will evaluate your unique situation and apply appropriate bankruptcy law to similarly assist you to achieve a positive outcome if possible based on your financial situation and eligibility standards.

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